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In a deep pit of nothing ness... JK im not that depressed
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I'm Brooke:

I like to recycle<3, I hate watching animals suffer, I love headbands<3,I want to save our amazingly awsome planet, Im kind of a TREE HUGGER, I love rainbows<3, I HATE ANIMAL TESTING why do people do it?? RAWR<3, i make funny noises,i love screaming random stuff with my friend brittany, IM VERY VERY VERY RANDOM!! I <3 Jack The Pumpkin King<3 ________________________________________________________________________ Ive made mistakes in my life. Ive let people take advantage of me & ive exepted way less than what i deserve But ive learne from my bad chocies& even though there are some things i can never get back & people who will never be sorry. I know better next time and wont settle for anything less than what i deserve. : Adorkalbe,Amazing,Awsome: Brooke is the name not Brookelyn.. Im not like other girls i can be annoying, funny, goofy, stupid, forgetfull well theres more but i dont think this page could be big enought just ask anyone. Well i dont trust alot of people only a couple. "guess what??? YOUR FACE" thats for you brittany.. I forget way to easy.. i hate drama. I love : My Friends: BobbieJo ,Brittany ,Dani,Spring,Courtney,Erin,Tiffany,Cody,Matt, im so very sorry if i forgot anyone plez tell me and ill add ur name. Well these are some words that describe me: . Special.Loves Colors. Abstract thoughts.Outgoing.Loves reality and abstract.Intelligent and clever.Changing personality.Fun to be around with.Has more than one best friend. Able to cheer anyone up and make them laugh.Amazing smile.Temperamental.Honest.Determined to reach goals.Loves freedom.Rebellious when restricted.Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt.Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things.Loves making friends Daring and stubborn. Ambitious.Realizing dreams and hopes.Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure.Romantic on the inside not outside.Superstitious and ludicrous.Spendthrift.Tries to learn to show emotions. Well im special... haha in a good way no one is like me no one can match my personality.. HAHA TRY IT i dare u to even try to match my specialness. im outgoing, fun to be around, well if you go to mi skool you wont see a class period im not laughing in. I laugh GOOFY dont make fun of me because im different make fun of your self cuZ ur not special like me. i never shut up. i dont like being touched it makes me feel funny,i will never "fit in" im "fun size" im "cuddley". If i get to no u i will open up to you im kinda shy but if i no u im openlike a book. I can be "witchy". hhaaha I love texting its all i do on my phone..eeeeeppppp.. haha i can be very very random. My friends think i have sbs i dont.

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