Uhhh... there's supposed to be a tagline here... pudding!

Random Conversations

This text went something like this...

Britt: :D

Britt: lol


A note Slick and Banana passed went like this...

omg the copy and paste button wont work D:< i'll get back to this

*five mintues later*

ok, not perfect. deal. and ignore the weird symbols.


*ksht* anna. Come in, anna. Over. *ksht* *ksht* Being… Ambushed *ksht* *ksht* need… help *ksht* *looks over* *ksht* anna? … are the voices in your head attacking you? *ksht* *hits head* *ksht* the evil side! … *ksht* *ksht* It’s killing my men! *ksht* *falls on floor* *ksht* IM ON MY WAY TO HELP! *ksht* *runs toward anna having a seizer on the floor* *ksht* calling MP backup! (multiple personality) ahhh! *trips and falls too* *hits sarah who’s lying on top of me* *ksht* you idiot! *ksht* *gets up* *ksht* what are you doing on the floor? *ksht* *ksht* im sorry!! The voices have terrible driving *ksht* *ksht* well you better fire someone! Before I surgically remove them! *ksht* Noooooo! Not my personalites! Ahhh- oh, crap. Forgot to turn the thingy on… *ksht* ahhhhhhhhhhhh! *ksht* *purposely turns thingy off* she is such an idiot! Why did I even hire her? *ksht* great job! Keep up the hard work! *ksht* *shakes head* *feels special inside* you know she’s lying to you right? Nuh uh! She’s my best friend! You sat on her! I tripped on my face! You’re a failure. SHUT UUUUUP! *bangs head against wall* *ksshhhhhh *static** *jumps up and down* she’s dead. She’s dead! *ksht* sarah? Are you ok? *ksht* *giant grin* *ksht* THERE’S A GIANT DINOSAUR CHASING AFTER ME! *ksht* *ksht* stay there and act like a chicken! Dinosaurs hate chickens! *ksht* hehehe no they don’t! they love chickens! Bawk bawk bawk *screams bloody murder* *ksht* ANNA! YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS! THEY LOVE CHICKENS! AHHHHH! HELP ME! *ksht* … hehehe *evil grin* *is holding gun*


At The Chinese Buffet

Miranda: Wow, this is weird, the chocolate is soft, but the icecream is like, frozen

Slick: What are you talking about?? The chocolate is hard!

Miranda: *chokes* Then what the hell did I just eat?!?

*both burst out laughing and can't stop for 5 minutes* they all thought we were on crack...